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Case Study

Line of Sight

We were approached by a Landlord who had a new 8 storey 900,00 sq ft building which had sat empty for two years. Several satellite installers had told him that the building wouldn’t be able to have satellite because the dish would need to go on top of the building to have a clear line of sight. However there were very strict planning restrictions in place as the building was close to St Paul’s Cathedral and fell under a restriction called Protected View

As we like a challenge we offered to take a look free of charge.

We surveyed the site and, sure enough, on the roof you could receive all of the satellite services but, as we were in sight of St Paul’s, we weren’t allowed to install a dish and the local council would enforce this.

As the roof of the building was made of beams roughly a metre apart we thought there must be one location where we could hide a dish. An hour later we had found a location and installed a temporary dish to demonstrate to the Landlord.

The Landlord then asked for a second dish for European services to make the building more rentable (as companies won’t rent space if they can’t have television). Again we found a space.

Two years on the building is fully occupied and we have installed a fibre optic solution where we have run two 3mm fibre optic cables to each tenant from the dish for UK and European TV services. The system is battery backed up in case the Landlords supply fails. The Landlord and all of the tenants are really happy with the system.

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